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Welcome to DmM Support on the Web

Welcome to DmM Support / Velkommen til DmM Support / Bem Vindo a Supporte de DmM

This year the new generation of the SDBv program has been released. Many old functions has been improved and new functions has been developed. The work on developing the program is going on as we speak and we are expecting a new release with big improvements within the Year Planning module and also a new function called Team Planning --> making the curriculum for your class. There is much to look forward to.

At the same time all the DmM schools has this year updated their IT systems with good stable servers and most schools has installed thin clients with flat screens. A great improvement.

This website is meant to give you support in any questions that will arise in the daily use of the schools equipment and also the use of the SDBv program.

From this start page you can enter the forum from the menu. Remember that you have to be signed in to be able to see attached files, and also if you are DmM administrator, the sections about this will only show if you have registered yourself as administrator with us at the support forum.

Best Regards
DmM Support Team



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