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Add files to a task

How to add files to a task

There are several ways to add files to a task in SDB. The most used methods are:

  1. Create PDF Files from Internet pages
  2. Scan pages and add them to a PDF File
  3. Create links to a webpage
  4. Add a video or sound file
  5. Refer to local material that can be found at the school

I will go through them one by one so you have an idea how to add the files in different ways.
Under each of them you will find a little video manual that will demonstrate for you how to do it.

  1. Create PDF files from Internet pages.
    You will need a program to create PDF Files. The best one to use is Adobe Acrobat 8 or later.
    This is a very easy way to add files to your SDB
    See video manual here



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