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Important to read before adding tasks

When you add tasks to the SDB its imporant that you consider this things before adding the reading files


1. File Format:
The servers normally have Open Office installed and that can open most Microsoft files like Word, Exel and PowerPoint but NOT Microsoft Publisher. This means that when the student try to open the reading file it may not be able to open it if Microsoft Publisher is not installed on the Server
Thats why its good to keep to this standard file types: PDF, TIFF,JPEG,DOC, TXT, RTF,PPT. You can also use most multimedia format like .avi,mp4,mp3 etc as they all open with VLC Player

2. When attaching a file to a task you have several options of format to choose from

Registered just means the PC/Server will open the program in what ever program the PC normally opens the file in. It will always work, BUT in this example I am attaching a .mp4 file.
In stead of selecting "registered" its better to use "video". This means that before opening the task you know its a video file.
If you are using Terminal Server, several times multimedia files causes the session to freeze and if you kow before clicking that its a media file, you can prevent them from clicking on it.
Always choose the type that is saying most about what file type it is


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