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Installing SDB

SDB can be used in several different setup depending on how you want to use it.

I will now go through the different scenarios on how SDB can be installed and the benefit of each of them

SDB on Terminal Server
You need a Windows 2003 Server. SDB is installed on the server and all users connect to the server using Remote Desktop. When logged in, they can use SDB without installing it on their local compunter. Terminal Server Enviroment makes it very easy as you only have to update SDB on the server and not on each PC at the school
Download instructions how to install SDB on Terminal Server her

SDB on laptop connecting to Remote Server using Netdrive(DI's on DRH Server)
If you have access to a windows PC, you can now install SDB and a program called Netdrive on your laptop. This means you can start SDB on your laptop and get access to a Remove SDB Server. Its a good solution for distance learning and SDB task productions
You can download the instruktion and installation files here


SDB Standalone Using MYSQL4 (when no Server is available)
If you want to install SDB on your laptop and are not connected to any server, you can install the SDB program and mysql server on your laptop. You can then from the SDB interface create a blank database or you can copy a complete database from one of the schools down to your laptop. You can also donwload databases in Danish and English from our website. This is called SDB-standalone.
You can have it all on one Laptop/PC. When you use SDB in standalone more, SDB will ask you for username and password. This means that on the same laptop you can setup a teacher accound and several student accounds.
If it is a public PC, the students can use it for resolving tasks and the teacher can use it to correct the tasks.
You do not need a network to operate SDB in standalone mode

Download Instructions here



SDB Standalone Using MYSQL5 (when no Server is available)

This is a new project as pr December 2014. SDB has been updated to run on MYSQL5 as this means SDB can be used with Hindi as well as several other languages.
Below you can install a Zipped packet with all the files you need to setup this complete SDBv on MySQL5 on your laptop.
Download the zipped file and then use the film instructions to see how you install it:

Find out if you have a 32bit or 64bit Windows(if you have a folder called "C:\program files(86)" you have a 64bit version of windows. If not, you have a 32 bit version

Download files for Windows 32Bit (44mb)
Download files for Windows 64Bit (52mb)

See instruction how to install SDBv on MYSQL5 as a standalone system




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