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Preparing the 4 Pictures

Preparing the 4 Pictures

For every task, you have to find 4 pictures that reflects the content of the task. These pictures will be added to the task and visible on all pages when the student is inside the task.

It is important that this pictures are prepared well so they have the right size, format (JPG) and aspect ratio (4:3).

To make this easier for you we have found 2 tools that can be used to easy edit any photo to fit the recomendations that we use for the SDB program

What are the standards to use:

  • Size               :    About 320 pixels wide
  • Aspect Ratio   :     4:3 (ex 320 x 240)
  • Format          :     Preferable JPG


What happens if they are not keept

If the size is to big it will fill alot in the database and the SDB program will slow down. If you take a picture from your digital camera that fills 3MB and add that, and you have 100 pictures you want to use, this means only the 100 pictures will fill 300MB. If you resize them correct, you will still get the same quality but it will only fill 3MB

If the Aspect Ratio is wrong, the picture will not appear nice as the SDB will shrink the picture to fit 4:3 so if you have saved it in 4:4 (square) it will not look nice

The format is more an recommendation. Keep it all the same type. If you use .BMP, its easy to add a picture that has to much information and the size will be very large and will make the SDB program use longer time to load the task


How do I Prepare the Pictures

Method 1:
Find a website that already offers pictures with the correct Aspect Ratio (4:3). This means you do not have to edit them and can use them directly. It does not matter if the size is a little bigger as long as the Aspect Ratio is the same. A good website to use is:

When you find the picture you want, make sure it has Aspect Ratio 4:3. Right click on picture and "save as". Save the picture on your PC

If you use this method you can jump over point 1-3 below and go straight to point 4 about how to add the picture to SDB


Method 2
This involves finding all kind of pictures on the web, on your digital camera etc.. and prepare them with correct Aspect Ratio and a size that is not to big.  The concept is to use any picture, cut the part out of the picture you want, then resize.
Below is a step to step guide how you can use this. This is a great idea when doing productions and someone has got the task to prepare pictures within all kind of categories

  1. Find and download the pictures you want
    You can find a video tutorial here

  2. To Make sure all the pictures has the right Dimensions (4:3), you can use a freeware program called RPhoto. You can download it here (1,7MB)
    You can find a video tutorial here

  3. To Rezise all pictures within a folder you can use a freware program called PIXresizer.
    You can download it here (3,4MB)
    You can find a video tutorial here

  4. Add the pictures to the SDB task
    You can find a video tutorial here

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