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Printer Setup Options

How to setup printer options on the Terminal Server

When you have several classes and teams at the school, I would imagne that you have several printers spread around the school in different classrooms. I guess that you have experienced that a student by mistake has sent off 40 pages to be printed out on  the schools colour printer or simply printing to the wrong printer.

As your school most likely are using Terminal Server, I can also imagen a situation where some teachers are working from home making study plans logging on to the terminal server remotely.
They want to be able to print them out to their home printer to have it all ready when starting classes next day.

Well, there are tools and solutions to setup a printer system that will prevent students to print to wrong printers.  We can also setup the Server in a way, so when the teachers want to print from home they can

In this chapter I will present the different options you have.
Each section will have a small film instruction to help you setup the perfect printer solution for your school.



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