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New Release 5th of August 2012: SDBv6

This is a major release of SDB.
It contails many Fixes and some new functions


Download Version : SDBv6 here (download)


You can download maunal on how to update here (download)

Note: Be aware when starting sdb the first time after an upgrade, it will show "updating databases" on the screen. Please leave it to update before you start clicking

Whats new in SDBv6

  • French Language added to SDB
  • Import/Export Weekpland and Yearplan in the same way you export tasks and courses
  • Automatic Codes when creating new tasks/studies/courses and teams
  • SP Point Description for a whole team. You find it udner Settings where you create the team
  • Import/Export databases over 2GB now working
  • Import/Export working correct
  • Copy/Paste working correct. Do duplicate files, New file created for every copy of tasks
  • Moving Courses up and down on the course list. Before only worked in Studies and Experiences
  • Edit function added to Fora
  • Teachers Comment moved from editor up to Introduction, Instructions, Test, Comment.
    When there is a comment from the teacher, it turns red
  • Issue with Attach files in Notes resolved. Also turning red when there are any text or attached files in Notes
  • Wording added to courses
  • Fora / Us about Us: Topic appeared 2 times. Now fixed and only shows once
  • SDB Start Screen works on 4:3 and 16:9 screen

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