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New Release 18th of August 2012: SDBv6.01.03

This contains fixes for SDBv6 and SDBv6.01.02
At the moment there are no known bugs in SDB so if you come across any, please let us know

Download Version : SDBv6.01.03 here (download)

You can download maunal on how to update here (download)

Note: Be aware when starting sdb the first time after an upgrade, it will show "updating databases" on the screen. Please leave it to update before you start clicking

FIX in SDBv6.01.03

  • Teacher does not see test from student if using File->Save in editor. Only working if you save using Back. This is now fixed. Issue mostly seen on standalone (SDB on laptop) not terminal server system.
  • When deleting activities in weekplan, sometimes you can not add new activity in same area as it says "activity already planed". This has been fixed now

FIX in SDBv6.01.02

  • Files in new databases takes long time to open. Now fixed
  • Import of year and weekplan issue now fixed

Whats new in SDBv6

  • French Language added to SDB
  • Import/Export Weekpland and Yearplan in the same way you export tasks and courses
  • Automatic Codes when creating new tasks/studies/courses and teams
  • SP Point Description for a whole team. You find it udner Settings where you create the team
  • Import/Export databases over 2GB now working
  • Import/Export working correct
  • Copy/Paste working correct. Do duplicate files, New file created for every copy of tasks
  • Moving Courses up and down on the course list. Before only worked in Studies and Experiences
  • Edit function added to Fora
  • Teachers Comment moved from editor up to Introduction, Instructions, Test, Comment.
    When there is a comment from the teacher, it turns red
  • Issue with Attach files in Notes resolved. Also turning red when there are any text or attached files in Notes
  • Wording added to courses
  • Fora / Us about Us: Topic appeared 2 times. Now fixed and only shows once
  • SDB Start Screen works on 4:3 and 16:9 screen

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