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New Release 25th of September 2012: SDBv7.5

This release is only for schools in Africa and the DRH Movement schools.
The danish schools should still use SDBv7

Download Version : SDBv7.5.0.5 here (download)

You can download maunal on how to update here (download)

Note: Be aware when starting sdb the first time after an upgrade, it will show "updating databases" on the screen. Please leave it to update before you start clicking

FIX in SDBv7.5.0.1

  • Using External Editors like "words" in test. You can send it to the teacher and teacher can correct in the word file and send back.
  • Subject Courses introduced in Courses
  • Fix with Copy/Paste tasks where before Notes files was not copied
  • Moving Courses up/down


FIX we are waiting for:

  • Define path to scanned files for experiences
  • Issue with Importing Subject Courses (use copy/paste untill resovled)


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