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Skoler DK 2012/13 - DmM Material

Update 11th of April: Update Courses and Morning Assembly for 8th, 9th and 10th class

Several new Morning assembly has been made and is now available. You have to download the course database for the 3 databases and import them. No need to download the study database again

How do the updates work?
An update consist of 6 big files for the databases. Its the complete database for 8th, 9th and 10th class. For each class there is a file for studies and a file for courses. Thats why there are 6 files.
This contains old and new material, so when you import, it will just add the tasks that are not already in the database.
As you know the 3 databases are called "nix pille". This means that you should not add any content to the databases yourself, as you risk to loose it when updating.
If you have added content in other databases that you have created for your school, THIS WILL NOT BE DELETED.

An update also consist for the year and weekplan. This you have to download, save in IMPEX.
You should not import them into your LIVE teams, BUT into the 3 NIX PILLE Teams under Plan & Point.
From here you can see the updates. In this example its an update for week 49 to 51.
Look at the yearplan, write down the title and points for week 49 to 51.
Open the weekplan for week 49 and "Gem Skabelon". Give it a name like "8klasse week 49".
Repeat the same thing for week 50 and 51.

Now open your own teams plan. Make sure the points and title matches the new from updated plan.
Open week 49 and click "åbn skabelon". Find the one you saved for week 49 and Import.
Do the same with week 50 and 51.
It should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to update point targets and weekplan for week 46 to 48.


  1. Make a copy/paste of your current database in C:\mysql\data
    Copy the folder SDBDATA, and paste it in again the same place
    It will be named "copy of sdbdata". Rename it to "SDBDATA 2012"
    In case something goes wrong with points, we can now roll it back again
  2. Go to C:\program files\sdb\IMPEX (on 64bit system the folder is called "program files (86)" )
    Create a folder called Backup
    Move all the old files from IMPEX to IMPEX\backup so IMPEX is clean
  3. Delete previous downloaded material from DmM Support to not confuse it with the new updated databases. Most will find this on the desktop in a folder called "DmM Databases 2012"

Download and move all files to the IMPEX folder

  1. Download the latest version of the SDB program. currenly SDBv7
    Install it. If you get error, its because some users have SDB opened. To get around this in an easy way, restart the server as this will stop SDB program being used.

  2. Downoad the following 6 zipped files directly to your IMPEX folder (c:\program files(86)\sdbv\IMPEX)
    The best way to do this is to right click on the downloaded file and select "Extract here"
    This means the files will be extracted directly into the IMPEX folder where we want them.
    Each of the zipped folders contain 4 files when unzipped. (so its 24 files in total)

    UPDATE 11 April : 8kl Courses and Morning Assemblies (1,9GB)

    8kl Studies

    UPDATE 11 April: 9kl Courses and Morning Assemblies(1,9GB)

    9kl Studies

    UPDATE 11th April: 10kl Courses and Morning Assemblies (1,86GB)

    10kl Studies
    (  126MB)

    NIX PILLE yearplans untill week 6 for 8th,9th and 10th class

We have seen that there are missing some files for some courses. F.eks "Hvad er EU og Hvorfor..."
+ nogle andre.
Download denne zip fil
Unzip dem
Kopier alle filerne ind i
Nu skulle link virke fra Uge Planerne

  1. Download and Unzip the yearplans the same way you did with the databases. Unzipped, there should be 6 files

Install the updated study and course databases

1. Start SDB, click on Amendments
In Studies, highlight "8Kl Liv, Lyst og Lærdom"
Click "import" on the editing tools
Select the 8Kl databases>
In the checkboxes select the default "Overwrite -Remark(Un-ready)
As always you have to point to where the scan directory i(normally c:\sdbdata\databasename) and the Notes directory (normally c:\sdbdata\notes)
The update takes about 10 minutes and the study tasks are updated

2. We have do to the same for courses
Click on Courses -->Skolens Samlede kursus tilbud and highlight "8 Klasse: Liv,lyst og Lærdom"
Click "import" on the editing tools
Select the 8kl database
In the checkboxes select the default "Overwrite-Remark(Un-ready)
The updates takes about 10minutes and the courses will be updated

3. Repeate the same steps for studies and courses for 9th and 10th class
The screen might look like its frozen during updates, but please leave it untill its completed

Install the updated weekplan for the "NIX PILLE" teams

1. You can export your own yearplan using the export button in the toolbar in yearplan.
Give it a meaning full name. If something goes wrong, you can always install your backup again.
Do this for all the teams.

2. Open "NIX PILLE 8 Klasse", click Import from the toolbar
Locate the new yearplan for 8Klasse,select it and import it
Check that your weeks 33-51 Looks right and have the weekplans.

3. Repeat the same for 9th and 10th class

Now, all the 3 "NIX PILLE" teams should be up to date and its ready for you to start to import this into your own team plans

See this film using an example for 9th class how to do it (LINK TO FOLLOW)

If you have any problems please contact eller so we can assist you





OLD EXPIRED UPDATES (Only here for references)

UPDATE 8 August 2012: About publisher files in SDB
Microsoft Publisher is not installed on the server as default. This means that if you try to open an attached file and it gives you and error that it can not open a file like, its because you do not have publisher installed on the server.
In the weekplan you can see an example on this in:

"9klasse Vi sætter os spor" - week 33, tuesday from 1300 to 1500


There are 3 solution for this:
1. Find and install Microsoft Publisher on the server
2. Open the files from a laptop that has publisher installed. Then you can open it
3. Print them out


UPDATE 11 August 2012: Missing scanned files for some databases (only few schools)

As you have got a new master copy of the SDB databases, there might be subjects or courses on the list that you do not have the scanned files for. Only if you have had the databases before, will you have the scanned files. If you are missing for some classes, you can download them below.
You download to your desktop and nuzip the files, then move it into the folder mentioned below

Original 9. Klasse. Download files here (About 1GB)
Copy them into C:\sdbdata\data9kl\skan

Original 9. Klasse Pensum. Download files here:(About 1GB)
Copy them into C:\sdbdata\skanpen9kl

Orginal Optiheath. Download the files here (About 1GB)
Copy them into C:\sdbdata\optihealth

All the courses folders 2009-2011.Download them here (3GB)
When you unzip this folders you will see a folder for each course folder.
Copy all the folders into C:\sdbdata\

UPDATE 21. August 2012: Files for the subject: Praktiske fag

Here are the files.
1. Download to you desktop, upzip.
2. Place the folder "praktisk" in SDBDATA folder.
3. In SDB: For the subject "Praktiske fag": Edit the path to the files


UPDATE 19. September 2012: Yearplan Import Export. Week 33-39 (original release)
If you need the oringinal yearplan imported again, you can here download the original made for the 3 new databases. This contain the 9 weeks detail plan
Download 8.Kl Plan
Download 9.Kl Plan
Download 10.Kl Plan

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