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To The Teacher

Teacher's Manual for the SDBv Program


  • How to prepare a new team in SDBv (updated Nov 2008)
    Step by step using case story we go through all the preparation needed to start a new team
  • How to Create new studies tasks and courses in SDBv (Updated Jan 2009)
    This has been made ready for Studies and Courses. Still miss Experiences, but if you know how to add study tasks, experiences are more or less the same.
  • How to use Notes for the teacher (added May 2011)
    We have now developed the "notes" within tasks and courses. We can now write instructions to the teacher and attach Facit to Test or preperation material to courses that students has no access to. Notes button becomes red when the teachers can find material there.
  • How to work with Study Tasks (updated Dec 2008)
    This guide will take you through every thing from the student chooses a task to do untill he gets the points for it
  • How to work with Free Experiences
    In the new SDBv program we have introduced new functionalities to the way the students and teachers works with Free Experiences
  • How to work with SP Points, planning, completion and reward system
    What is SP point and how is it integrated into DmM. SP point also carry with it a reward system.
    You can learn how to setup the system and how the student resolves a SP-Tasks from A-Z.
    New functionallities has been added to SP-Point in the last version of SDB

  • How to Download and Import a database from
    All new databases will be uploaded to and you can download them from here. This instruction will guide you through now to download and import the tasks to your own SDBv database

  • How to Connect to the Schools Server from your home PC. (updated June 2009)
    You can actually sit in your own living room and logon to the server at the school to do your Teaching plans and prepare tasks in SDB

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